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Social affairs

We consider the development of human resources to be a key element in economic performance.
A sustainable human and social policy implies:

⇨ Implementation of optimum working conditions
⇨ A STRONG COMMITMENT to Apprenticeship

We have signed an apprenticeship charter, this is a modern and appropriate response for the training and qualification of young people.
Based on skill transfer by tutoring and apprenticeship masters, it offers young people a guaranteed way of acquiring both technical knowledge and the practical skills of our trade.

After the apprenticeship contract, 90% of apprentices sign an open-ended contract with us

⇨ Increasing knowledge of our trade and promoting it

We are involved in an increasing number of initiatives to get secondary education pupils to discover our trades and achievements via Open Days such as "LES COULISSES DU BÂTIMENT" (Behind the scenes in the construction industry).

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