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Our commitment

Our vision:
We would like to share our vision with you, particularly our 4 main medium and long-term objectives.

1) Our first objective is economic performance. Basic and essential, this is obviously an absolute priority to enable us to succeed the phase of family transition in the best possible conditions.


2) The safety of our workers is also an absolute priority, upon which we will not tolerate any compromises.

3) Finally, we shall continue to concentrate our efforts in the training young people (apprenticeship contracts). In 2013 we had 7 young people with apprenticeship contracts.

4) We voluntarily decided to commit ourselves and propose our candidature for the United Nations Global Compact. This pact invites companies to adopt, support and apply, in their sphere of influence, a set of values and basic principles in the fields of human rights, work standards and the environment.

Use of this logo is the sign of our adhesion to the Global Compact:

Waste management


The methods for sorting and storing waste on the work site shall be planned during the preparatory phase and shall specify the nature of sorting and the type of waste collected (wood, plastics, paper, boxes, inert waste, mixed non-hazardous industrial waste, etc.)
The conditions for elimination of waste shall be decided in compliance with the applicable legislation and the elimination channels existing near the site.

Environmental responsibility
We strive to integrate innovative solutions into our sales offers in order to enable our clients to become stakeholders in sustainable development.
In terms of heating, we promote heat pump type solutions.

In the air conditioning field we advise against using open recirculating solutions. Whenever possible, we try to offer systems with energy recovery.
We advise users of climatic engineering installations how to optimise their comfort while respecting the environment: reduced operation at night, management of empty rooms, etc.

We work to reduce energy consumption because it has both financial and environmental impacts. The following measures are applied on site:

• Use of drinking water limited to the minimum necessary.
• Monitoring of water consumption and raising the awareness of personnel for sensible use of water and energy.
• Checking that lights are switched off at the end of the working day.
• Turning off the heating in the site portakabin at the end of the week.


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