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Health and safety

It is also important for us to offer a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees. With this in mind, we signed a progress contract with the OPPBTP (French construction industry and civil engineering safety organisation) in April 2007.

OPPBTP progress contract
In collaboration with the OPPBTP, we drew up a 12-point action plan.
At the end of 2008, we have already achieved 4 objectives:

1 – Drafting of a commitment declaration with progress approach and its distribution to all the personnel.

2 – Designation and training of a safety correspondent: Mr Laurent OLIVIER.

3 – Training of emergency/first aid workers.

4 – The inventory of all the dangerous products used in the company together with the assessment of the corresponding chemical risk.

5 – Training in assembling and dismantling scaffolding.

Management commitment
Safety on our work sites is a daily concern. Since 2006, our welcome booklet for all new arrivals explains the main safety rules to be observed on our work sites.

In addition, we regularly remind workers about the obligation to wear individual protective equipment.

Each worker receives the following equipment:
• Helmet
• Safety shoes
• Eye protection goggles
• Welder's goggles
• Handling gloves
• Harness and lifeline for working at heights
• Dust mask


Personnel training
• In 2010, 25 workers attended a safety course on "basic first aid" with the RED CROSS and the OPPBTP.
In June 2013, we renewed this partnership by training 8 persons in workplace first-aid.
• Display of general and specific safety instructions in the cloakrooms.

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