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Global compact

We voluntarily decided to commit ourselves to a sustainable development policy and therefore to adhere to the Global Compact.

Use of this logo is the sign of our adhesion to the Global Compact:

The Global Compact currently includes, on a global scale, organisations from the United Nations, labour organisations, companies, the academic world and civil society, mobilised around these 10 universal principles concerning human rights, labour standards, the environment and the combat against corruption.

Basing itself on the power of collective action, the pact strives to promote the civic responsibility of each company, so that the world of business can participate in the search for solutions contributing to more balanced globalisation.

This adhesion expresses itself with concrete actions oriented along the lines of the Global Compact's 10 basic principles:

HUMAN RIGHTS 1. Support and respect the protection of international law concerning human rights.

2. Make sure that companies do not condone violations of human rights.
These 2 clauses are inserted in the supplier framework contracts.
LABOUR STANDARDS 3. Ensure that freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective negotiations are observed.

4. Eliminate all forms of forced or obligatory labour.

5. Ensure the effective abolition of child labour.

6. Eliminate discrimination in work and professions.
* Training has been placed at the heart of our development (3.8% of the payroll).

* We consider apprenticeship to be extremely important (10% of our workforce).
RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT 7. Support a preventive approach for environmental challenges.

8. Take initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility.

9. Encourage the development and distribution of the technologies that respect the environment.
In 2011, we started a campaign to raise the awareness of site foreman concerning waste management on sites.

In the context of our operations to put equipment into service, we offer our clients optimised settings for their equipment. The aim is to improve the energy efficiency (condensing boilers, etc.)
COMBAT AGAINST CORRUPTION 10. Act against corruption in all its forms, including extortion of funds and hush money. Reinforcement of internal checks.

Every year, we must inform the GLOBAL COMPACT association concrete example of a concrete example of good practice (see the 2011 action plan).

For the 2013 year, we have committed ourselves to perfecting the training of site supervisors and workers before each project, in order to raise their awareness of waste management and get them to understand the different types of waste (inert, recyclable, etc.) and to limit the quantity of waste from projects and optimise selective sorting.
In addition, we have created a carbon budget, which has the purpose of targeting and classifying our greenhouse gas emissions.

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